What is Amazon HQ2?

Amazon HQ2 is Amazon.com’s proposed second corporate headquarters in North America, serving to supplement its existing headquarters in Seattle, WA.

How many jobs will Amazon create?

Amazon is projected to generate 50,000 direct jobs as part of HQ2.

How many indirect jobs will be created if Amazon HQ2 locates to Chicago?

Over 31,000 indirect jobs are projected to be created to service the needs of new employees, business visitors and the business needs of HQ2 itself. This does not include construction jobs that would be created as part of the HQ2 construction.

What kinds of indirect jobs will be created if Amazon HQ2 locates to Chicago?

Amazon HQ2 would be an economic game changer for Chicago residents and families. Its impact on the local economy will put thousands of people to work, touching every community by creating jobs, expanding businesses and generating revenue in our neighborhoods. Not only will Amazon HQ2 directly create 50,000 jobs, but thousands more will be generated to support employees and those doing business with Amazon who will need access to services – they’ll need to travel, eat, rent and buy properties, access entertainment and doctors, and more. People traveling to Chicago to do business with Amazon will fill up thousands of hotel rooms each year, use taxi and ridesharing services, go out to dinner and visit our museums, stores, and local businesses. All of this means jobs will be created across a spectrum of sectors, such as hospitality (hotels and restaurants), health care, child care, accounting and tax services, legal services, transportation, engineering, cleaning and janitorial services, tourism, construction, and many, many more.

How many construction jobs will be created to support Amazon HQ2?

58,900 jobs will be created, including 25,900 associated with construction of Amazon HQ2 alone. This translates to an average of 3,500 jobs per year over 17 years.

How long will it take Amazon to build the new HQ2?

Amazon is expected to phase in the build out of its 6 million square foot HQ2 over the course of 17 years, as part of its $5 billion investment in this project.

Which 10 locations were chosen by the city to submit as potential sites for Amazon HQ2?

The proposed Chicago-area sites, assuming vertical development in many cases, are:
  • Lincoln Yards, a development along the Chicago River near Lincoln Park and Bucktown.
  • The Downtown Gateway District, which includes space in Willis Tower and redevelopment of the old main post office and Union Station.
  • City Center Campus, a proposed redevelopment of the state-owned Thompson Center in the Loop.
  • The River District, a 37-acre development along the river and Halsted Street.
  • The Burnham Lakefront, a Bronzeville development that includes the Michael Reese Hospital site.
  • The 78, a development planned on 62 acres along the river between the South Loop and Chinatown.
  • Fulton Market district, properties controlled by multiple owners.
  • Illinois Medical District redevelopment.
  • McDonald’s campus in Oak Brook, the soon-to-be-vacated, 145-acre property which the company will leave for Fulton Market.
  • Motorola Solutions campus in Schaumburg, over 260 acres available for development and where Zurich North America recently built a new headquarters.
The criteria used to determine these 10 sites was based on Amazon’s size and location requirements. Amazon HQ2 would need an existing building initially 500 thousand square feet, with the possibility to expand up to 8 million square feet. This is equivalent to up to 183 acres of horizontal space. To put this in perspective, Chicago’s Soldiers Field is only 7 acres. The site must also be located close to the city’s population center: 45 minutes from the airport, 1 to 2 miles from a major highway, and mass transit on site. Few locations can meet these requirements.

What would the impact of Amazon HQ2 be on small businesses here in Chicago and Illinois?

Amazon relies heavily on partnering with small businesses to supply customers with the goods they need. In Illinois alone, Amazon partners with more than 95,000 small businesses, helping them grow by exposing their products to customers across the globe.

Who is working together as part of the “All In” campaign?

A diverse group of Chicago’s communications, community engagement, and public affairs firms and professionals are working together because they are “All In for Amazon”. They have launched the “People’s Pitch”, a pro bono working group focused on giving Chicagoans opportunities to show their support for bringing Amazon’s HQ2 to a city that’s second to none.