Amazon HQ2 A transformational opportunity for Chicago.

HQ2 will infuse energy into our tech sector and jobs engine – with a power Chicago has never experience before. In the downtown alone there will be a 10 percent increase in the total number of jobs.

HQ2 is a natural opportunity for Chicago start-ups and tech companies to partner with Amazon, grow and enhance their technologies, expand their business, and create new jobs – right here in Chicago.

50,000 direct jobs

Amazon HQ2 is projected to generate 50,000 direct jobs. These are good paying jobs, spanning diverse skillsets and experience levels. Jobs includes those in the tech sector with 25,900 associated with the construction of HQ2. This translates to an average of 3,500 jobs per year over 17 years.

Indirect Jobs

More than 31,000 indirect jobs will be created because of HQ2. The company, and its employees will need access to essential services including health care, child care, accounting and tax services, transportation, engineering, cleaning, janitorial and housing – putting tens of thousands of people to work.

Amazon business visitors will need thousands of hotel rooms, taxi and ridesharing services, and restaurants. They will visit museums, theaters, the symphony, and retail businesses.

An Economic Game Changer

Every neighborhood will benefit. HQ2 will have an overall $340M in economic impact over the 17 years as HQ2 is built out for the city. Amazon will bring people to Chicago – to live, work, visit and play. When they’re here, they’ll spend money in neighborhoods, at restaurants, in hotels, at museums, etc.

New tax revenue generated by new consumer spending at restaurants, hotels, retailers and tourist destinations, as well as the housing market, will generate tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue which can be used by the city to provide and expand services throughout Chicago.

Small Business Partner. Amazon relies heavily on partnering with small businesses to supply customers with the goods they need. In Illinois alone, Amazon partners with more than 95,000 small businesses, helping them grow by exposing their products to customers across the globe.

An Economic Game Changer

Tech and Innovation Pipeline

Amazon will create a massive pipeline for tech and innovation jobs in Chicago – not only for people working directly for Amazon, but for companies and innovators providing services to Amazon in Chicago.

Launching pad for graduates

When students graduate from college and are looking for a city to call home, we want them to look to Chicago. We already have Google, Orbitz, Facebook, WeWork, Grubhub, Groupon, Uptake, Outcome Health and other leading tech companies in Chicago. Amazon takes us to a whole new level.